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May 31, 2017

Huacatay Also know as “Peruvian black mint”, a herb we grown in then restaurant. This herb is central to much Andean cooking and is the Peruvian cousin of the marigold. With very aromatic leaves, usually blend into a paste to then be used as a sauce. At the restaurant we have used this beautiful and aromatic herb in both savoury and  sweet dishes as it is very versatile. It pairs great with our sauces when […]

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May 19, 2017

Afro – Peruvian aNTICUCHOS Wealthy Spaniards came to live on the coastal regions of Peru where they built haciendas/huts. In these coastal regions cotton and sugar plantation was sustained by the black slaves, Spaniards owners slaughter cows for food, giving the innards/which they considered garbage/ to the slaves. The slaves needed to eat and were forced to make the innards edible, they saw the Andean people seasoning their food with native peppers, they also had access to […]

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New Pisco has arrived!

April 5, 2017

New additions to the bar here at Mestizo. 3 new piscos are now available at Mestizo. Cuatro G’s : an aromatic pisco made from Italian grapes. Pancho Fierro : a standard pisco with blended grapes. Vinas De Oro : a premium single grape pisco with a smooth velvety taste. These new additions to Adelaide’s only Peruvian restaurant will certainly add a new dimension to your dinning experience here in Glenelg. Whether it is sipping some […]

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