About Mestizo

Mestizo Cocina Peruana is proud to be the first Peruvian Restaurant in South Australia.

Mestizo brings a city vibe to the beach side suburb of Glenelg South, with a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere with informed service from our small team. Set in a 1930’s home with plenty of character the heart of Mestizo is in the Peruvian artwork, feature brick wall and earthy, terracotta colours that carry throughout the restaurant.

On a journey to showcase and celebrate the cultural diversity of Peru through the cuisine using local produce, matched with beautiful wines from South Australia and around the world. Mestizo began with the vision and dream of two great long-time friends to come together once again and created and build a restaurant of their own. Eager to chase their dreams, challenge themselves constantly and share with friends and family, Renzo Canepa and Justin Hamam put down the knives and picked up the tools to begin the renovations. Hard work and persistence kept the boys ‘moving and was the driving force as the boys were motivated and excited to get the restaurant doors open.

Two years on Mestizo Cocina Peruana continues to strive to deliver on service and food as our team develops new fresh ideas and concepts to challenge new customers whilst keeping regular customers wanting more.

Mestizo – The Word

Mestizo ([mesˈtiθo], Latin American Spanish: [mesˈtiso]) is a term traditionally used in Spain and Spanish America to mean a person of combined European and Amerindian descent.

Throughout the history, Peru has received influences from a myriad of cultures and civilisations, making the Peruvian cuisine a beautiful blend of ingredients and cooking methods. We are proud to introduce Peruvian cuisine as the first Peruvian restaurant in South Australia. We want you to experience the fusion of customs and techniques with the use of local produce on our plates and in our drinks.

This is Mestizo for us, a blended mix of passion, love for food and respect for our culture.

Our Monkey – The Nazca Lines

Nazca lines are ancient geoglyphs located in the Nazca Desert, in southern Peru. These lines were created by Nazca culture (between 400 & 650 AD) are represent a variety of geometrical compositions, vegetables and animals. Amongst the most known lines are the hummingbird, spider, lizard and monkey, yes, our monkey!

In 1994 UNESCO acknowledged the Nazca lines as World Heritage Site. although its purpose is still uncertain, many scholars believe they are related to religious practices of worship of deities associated to the availability of water (for the productivity of their crops).

At Mestizo, we care about what we do and have a great respect for what Pachamama (Earth/time goddess for The Andean indigenous)offers to us. We are proud to share some of our Peruvian culture through best ingredients and beautiful food.

Renzo Canepa – Chef/Owner

I believe that food is sharing and gathering with friends and family. When I am in the kitchen I let this feeling of love and passion that I have when I cook for friends and family to drive me through ideas, creativity and flavours. Peru has had a food revolution over the last ten years and I want to be part of the Peruvian wave, to showcase to South Australia the art of Peruvian cuisine and share my stories and experiences.

From the warmth of my mother’s home cooking to the passion my father has for cooking his (“Chicharron” Roast pork) and the memories that I bring now into the kitchen.

Justin Hamam – Chef/ Owner

Having a passion for cooking as a child, family celebrations often centered around the food on the table and the opportunity to share was something that I always cherished and the reason I decided to follow my dreams and become a Chef. I began my 4 year apprenticeship at The Pier Hotel Glenelg, and this was where I met fellow Chef and my great friend Renzo Canepa. As he introduced me to Ceviche I fell in love with the fresh seafood and subtle heat of the Aji Amarillo (yellow Peruvian chili).

To be a Chef is a way of life, a choice that I made to live and breathe all things food. I love to create and develop ideas and challenge myself.